Behind the Bar Makes Craft Cocktails More Accessible With Launch of Website

Behind the Bar Makes Craft Cocktails More Accessible With Launch of Website

BUFFALO, N.Y., Nov. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The world of craft cocktails is now more accessible thanks to the launch of Behind the Bar, an online retailer of fine bar tools, cocktail bitters, drink ingredients, glassware, and bar equipment.

In response to consumers’ demonstrated desire to bring the craft cocktail movement into their bars and homes, Behind the Bar makes available for one-off and bulk orders thousands of items that support the preparation, service, and consumption of cocktails, spirits, and wine. Behind the Bar carries everything from small-batch shrubs and Boston shakers to brandy warmers and Spanish porrons, and has one of the largest selections of cocktail bitters in the world.

Behind the Bar also offers its own line of bar tools that marry professional-grade performance with exceptional value. Items carrying the Behind the Bar name include weighted bar spoons in various finishes, a soda siphon, and handblown mixing glasses, with plans to expand the line over time.

In addition to offering a unique shopping experience, Behind the Bar is an information resource. Via its blog, visitors can access cocktail recipes, how-to articles, and product information. Both aspects of the site service Behind the Bar’s mission to equip drinking enthusiasts with the tools, ingredients, and knowledge to imbibe well at home.

Behind the Bar is the cocktail-, spirit-, and wine-focused offshoot of KegWorks, a leading retailer of draft beer equipment and bar rail for more than 15 years.

Behind the Bar is an online retailer of fine bar tools, cocktail bitters, premium drink ingredients, glassware, and bar equipment. We are a company of spirited drinking enthusiasts who strive to help cocktail hobbyists and professional bartenders pursue their craft. Behind the Bar is committed to enhancing our customers’ enjoyment of adult beverages—one stiff, neat, up, wet, dry, sweet, sour, balanced, tall, or short drink at a time.

KegWorks is a leading merchant of draft beer equipment, home brewing supplies, beer glassware, novelty drink accessories, custom bar rails, and other “Tools for Drinking.” KegWorks was founded on the premise that people deserve to drink well, often, and with gusto—no matter their drink of choice. To that end, our product selection is carefully curated to optimize our customers’ drinking experiences—whether that be savoring craft beer at a nanobrewery, a game of beer pong at the weekly tailgate, or something in between.

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