The Documentary Film “CRAFT” Examines Drinking Better Beer

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When he is producing a documentary, it is total immersion for Craig Noble, Producer/Director of Pixel One Productions. Noble’s process of documentary filmmaking is based on participating in his subject matter and committing to the lifestyle of his subjects. For the production of his third feature documentary, CRAFT, he committed to participating in the lifestyle of craft brewing by undertaking an apprenticeship on a farm brewery, Crannóg Ales, where he learned brewing theory and cooked for the crew, attended the American Brewers’ Guild in Vermont, and earned his Cicerone (essentially a beer sommelier) certification.

CRAFT is a product of over two years of research and filming across North America. Born out of a great appreciation of craft beer, Noble observed the massive explosion of the industry in the last 10 year. In 2012, after a brewery tour in San Diego, he decided to undertake an in‐depth and personal journey into the heart of craft beer. Part of the immersive nature of this process was the brewing of the Farmhouse Ale, which is documented in the final section of the film. This was made possible by collaborating with local craft brewers at each tour stop.

Noble claims that “We are living in a golden age of craft beer. It is all about great tasting beer produced by hard working crews who are committed to excellence in beer form.” With more breweries now than in the last 125 years, he says that we are experiencing “a kaleidoscope of beer style, pushing boundaries and executing at a world class level.”

CRAFT is an hour-long documentary where Noble visits more than a dozen regional breweries across the United States and up to Montreal, interviewing craft brewers. He examines craft beer’s role in modern culture and its place in the fine dining world. In his interviews with brewers, Noble gives a brief history of brewing beer and the process of making craft beers. In his interviews, he discusses the grass roots movement and community support, style (one brewer says the “possibilities of beer styles are almost endless,” and food. In an interview with Ray Daniels, Founder and Director of the Cicerone Certification Program, says, “Beer is like liquid bread. It’s not that craft beer is hot; it’s that gastronomy is suddenly hot. Good food requires good beer. Move over wine – cuisine and beer are becoming the primary focus.

Craig Noble, a resident of Vancouver and Brew Master at Postmark Brewing, grew up watching National Geographic, Jacques Cousteau, and David Suzuki documentaries. Under the umbrella of Pixel One Productions, he has been directing and producing documentaries and short film for twelve years. His feature and short documentaries have been screened around the world and have won a number of awards at festivals, including, City Space 2004 Best Documentary New York Independent Film Festival and Tableland 2007 Best Feature New York Food Film Festival.

Noble spent five years home brewing, worked at his sister winery, JoieFarms Winery in Naramata, British Columbia and professes to have a great love and ability for cooking. After two years of research and immersing himself into the world of craft brewing, he finally achieved his goal of creating the perfect craft brew to please his palate, his Farmhouse Ale, a Citrus Saison.

Saison is a light, refreshing ale originally brewed in farmhouses in the French-speaking regions of Belgium for field workers. Now the beer is brewed in many locations around the world. It’s a complex style with a mix of fruity aroma and flavor, some spiciness and even a hint of tartness. On the CRAFT movie website, Farmhouse Ale is described as having complex citrus fruit and key lime aromas that are lifted with a hint of spicy clove. The light pilsner malt body is balanced by subtle spicy hop flavors, supported by a quenching acidity and moderate carbonation. The Farmhouse Ale is an unfiltered, bottle-conditioned table Saison honoring the Southern Belgian classics. As an additional treat, the beer will be available at each of the CRAFT tour stops. To be able to taste the beer that is being crafted on screen is part of the integral experience of CRAFT. For Fall 2015 tour dates, jump here. As Craig Noble says, “Do yourself a favor. Drink better beer.”

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