Impress Your Friends with these 5 Classic Cocktails to Make at Home

Making cocktails at home

Ever ventured out to your favourite bar and had, like, the best Montenegro sour, like, ever? Or can you still taste the delicious Hippocampus gin that was used in your G&T the other night? Perth bars are using topnotch tipples for a better cocktail experience and, while having a seasoned barkeep is key, you can still enjoy a drink at home as more and more retailers offer up premium spirit choices.

Strange Company co-owner Darcy Travers said this increased availability of alternate products in bars had spiked awareness to consumers.

“It also gives customers the chance to dabble and taste a nip of higher-end product before investing in an entire bottle for their home collection,” he said.

“It also gives customers the chance to dabble and taste a nip of higher-end product before investing in an entire bottle for their home collection,” he said.

“Customers are becoming more educated in the world of spirits and their palates are refining.

Lot 20 co-owner and general manager Andrew McIntyre said said the perfect cocktail came down to three things: preparation, ice and balance.

“Get yourself prepared with the right kit, ingredients and garnishes, this will allow you to take your time,” he said.

“Ice is the building block of any good drink. It allows you to get the right temperature and dilution — make sure it’s super cold and solid cubes.

“Balance is about getting all the flavors of the drink coming together in harmony, whether it be sour, sweet, strong, salty or strong (boozy) elements of the drink. This comes with a bit of practice.”

Here are our top 5 cocktails (with tasting notes) you can easily make at home . . .


The West Winds The Sabre: one of the leaders of the pack when it comes to Australian gin. West Winds Sabre puts its heart on its sleeve and flies the flag for the native botanical lemon myrtle. A great gin to drink with tonic, in a cocktail or sipped over ice with a slice of lemon.

50ml West Winds The Sabre. 20ml lime cordial. Stir. Strain into a stemmed cocktail glass. Garnish with a lime twist.


Martell VSOP: dark, robust, rich and smooth. A great cognac that will go well with some warm slippers and many leather-bound books.

50ml Martell VSOP. 20ml lemon juice. 20ml triple sec. Shake. Strain into a sugar-rimmed champagne coupe. No garnish.

Vino spritz

Ciroc: soft, smooth, rounded and rewarding on the palate. Ciroc, being made from grapes and in particular a late- harvested varietal that retains a higher sugar content, has a richness and subtle sweetness.

Slice one lemon wheel and put it and three seedless grapes in the base of a large wine glass. Add 45ml Ciroc vodka. 90ml pinot gris (something off dry). 15ml elderflower cordial. Fill to brim with ice. Top with 90ml soda.

Twisted summer tonic

Hendrick’s Gin: you find all the usual characters of a gin on the nose, including juniper, citrus and slight peppery spices. However, Hendrick’s is bolstered with the flavors of Bulgarian rose and Lebanese cucumbers, resulting in lifted freshness and beautiful floral fragrance.

Add four slices of cucumber and 30ml gin to a long glass. Add ice and then top with Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade. Gently place some rose petals across the top of the glass.


Patron Silver: a deliciously smooth tequila with a sweetened pineapple aroma and soft citrus body. Take it slow.

Serve in tall glass. 50ml Patron Silver. Add ice to glass. Top with grapefruit soda. Squeeze of fresh lime. Garnish with lime wedge.

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