Sinful Peach Cocktails for National Peach Month

Six sinful peach cocktails for National Peach Month

We’re heading for September, but the weather doesn’t seem to know it yet. Hot days like these call for fruity drinks on the back porch. With August being National Peach Month, we should honor our juicy little friends and throw them in the blender with some booze.

We here at have come up with a list of six sinful peach cocktail recipes to finish out a wonderful summer. Celebrate the fun you’ve had with your family as you send the little miscreants back to school.

Do you like your peach cocktails with herbal infusions? Maybe you want to kick it up a notch with some jalapeno. Do you prefer a sweet sangria? Or maybe you’re a traditionalist that enjoys peaches and cream. We have something for every peach lover. Flip through our pages and find a recipe that stands out.

Call your friends for a goodbye summer deck party where you serve icy drinks. It’s the perfect occasion to try out our six sinful peach cocktails for National Peach Month.

1. Peach bourbon thyme smash

This peach concoction combines thyme and jalapeno flavors for a truly unique drink.

2. Peach basil Moscow mule

Instead of fresh fruit, this cocktail uses peach vodka, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious. The basil really makes it stand out from the crowd of ordinary mules.

3. Rose’ and white peach sangria

You can tone down the sweetness of this sangria by using seltzer water instead of sparkling lemonade for something more crisp and refreshing. It also uses a touch of basil. Herbs seem to be in this year.

4. Fresh peach gin and tonic

This gin and tonic is lightly sweetened with peach slices. It calls for rosemary as a garnish, but you can leave that out if you’re not a fan of herbal drinks.

5. Grilled peach and rosemary prosecco

Another rosemary cocktail, this one takes a little forethought to grill the peaches to perfection before turning them into a puree

6. Peaches and cream martini. The result is absolutely delicious.

If you prefer your peaches herb free and love creamy cocktails, this is the one for you. It has double the peach flavor with puree and schnapps, and double the booze with schnapps and cream liquor, for a tasty summertime treat.

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